How to easily recognise the daily signs and guidance from
the angels to help you improve your life

The Secret Language of Angels
by Darren Linton











Would you like to receive more angelic guidance and help with your life?

Imagine if you could receive clear answers to every prayer and question. Imagine if you KNEW that every important decision that you took was the right one. Imagine if you could easily receive angelic guidance every day, leading you forwards, enhancing your life daily. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift?

The world is changing rapidly in this new millennium. Major issues are facing mankind and the planet. Spirituality and interest in angels is growing exponentially. The angels are here to HELP US ALL – to lead us into a glorious new golden age and future for humankind and the world. The angels WANT to help us all, for the good of ourselves, and for the highest good of the whole planet.

Not everyone can yet channel messages from the angels directly (not everyone have yet taken our angel courses and workshops!). Yet the angels want to help us all, to answer our questions and give us guidance in other ways, if we will let them. If only we knew how to receive their guidance clearly and easily.

That is why the angels asked me to write this new ebook, The Secret Language of Angels, a downloadable ebook that shows you how to receive their loving help and guidance easily each day. By learning how to recognise and receive their help, you can open up to more and more angelic help with your life. Allow them to help you:

Receive answers to your prayers
Resolve problems and worries
Receive guidance and direction
Make the right choices and decisions (and avoid the wrong ones!)
Enjoy a greater number of miracles in your life
Improve your career, family and relationships
Feel guided and blessed by the angels
Develop your gifts and your true life path
Enjoy a happier, more abundant, fulfilling and magical life

By opening your mind to the secret language of angels, you expand your repertoire of the various ways in which the angels can provide you with answers and guidance – not just one way, but many ways.


I'm Darren Linton, Angel Channel, Teacher and Life Coach and I am the founder and creator of Lifeworks and Guided By Angels. I have allowed myself to be guided, so that I now spend my life helping others connect with their angels, find and develop their true path in life, and receive daily guidance and wisdom for the benefit of themselves and the rest of the world.

I was miraculously saved by the angels from an otherwise fatal car crash 15 years ago. The angels told me they wanted me to teach people all over the world how to connect with them, so that people could receive angelic help with their own lives, and play their part in bringing about a better world for all. Since then, I have helped thousands of people in over 40 countries around the world to connect and communicate with their angels. I offer books, courses, readings and workshops to people around the world, helping to spread angel magic to all who are interested.

"To feel the presence of your own angel, and the unconditional love they have for you, is a priceless gift. I have connected with my angels and received so much radiant light and love. Beyond anything of this world." Laura James

"I learned so much about myself and how to allow the angels into my life. Talking with my angels is so exciting. I have found a new path of hope and light." Evelyn Mouat

“Wonderful, simple programme for light-workers everywhere – worth its weight in gold.” Ondray Botkoveli

Answers to your prayers - receive more angel help and guidance to enhance your life.

The book reveals 25 different ways in which the angels can provide you with the answers and guidance you seek. It provides over 90 examples and angel stories to illustrate these methods, inspire you, and show you how the angels can help people. The book is simple, clear and easy to read – suitable for beginners and more advanced angel workers alike, who would like to learn how to receive more angelic help and guidance. If you are not aware of all of these methods, you are limiting the way in which the angels can help you, and may be missing their answers. The more methods you are aware of, the easier it is to receive messages.

Have you ever considered how the angels may be trying to reach you through:

tick Your Dreams & Visions?
tick Divinely Inspired Words?
tick Helpful Strangers That You Meet?
tick Rainbows, Rays of Light and Messages in the Clouds?
tick Recurring Numbers and Symbols?
tick The 'Real' Meanings of Feathers?

In this day and age, we rely on the post, emails, phone calls, texts, the internet, Facebook, and many ways of communicating with people. Imagine if you ONLY received post (no phones or internet) – that would seriously limit your communication – it would be much slower and more difficult for people to get messages to you. So too if you only use one method of receiving angel guidance, rather than the full repertoire.

People sometimes ask “Why don’t the angels answer all of my prayers?”

Your prayers are always heard. If appropriate, the angels will respond, but are you recognising the signs and answers they are sending you? If you didn’t know how to check your phone for texts and missed calls, you might think that people were not replying to you, when actually you have been sent loads of messages! So too with the angels.

By showing you the 25 different ways in which the angels can provide guidance, you allow yourself to receive more and more angel messages and answers. It is so easy once you know how to recognise the signs, you will receive increased angel answers and guidance and your life will improve accordingly. They will lead you to a happier and better life.

It is like buying a new car – suddenly you notice the same model and colour everywhere. They were there all along, you just never noticed them before. The same is true with angel signs. When you know what to look for, you will start seeing angel signs more frequently, and soon you will see them everywhere, to help guide you life. It is so simple and easy when you know how.

Here are a few amazing and life-changing examples from people I have helped over the years:

Saved By An Angel
"Steve had a terrible car crash. He lost control, and his car came off the road, rolled down a bank, and was a total wreck. Steve emerged totally unscratched. He said that while the car was out of control, he felt a loving and peaceful presence surround him. He said it sounds strange, but he was filled with a sense of love and peace. He felt safe and protected. When the police arrived and saw the car, they said it was a miracle that Steve was even alive – they could not understand how he could possibly emerge without a scratch. Steve knew he had been saved. From that day forward, he became keen to connect with the angels and discover why they had saved him, and what he is supposed to do with his life."

Prayers Answered
"Rowena was devastated. Her new born son was lying in hospital on life support. The doctors had tried everything, but said that he could not be saved. They asked her permission to turn off the life support and let her son die. Rowena refused. She wandered into the church chapel. For days she prayed for her son to be spared. On the fifth day, she felt something shift. A  short while later, she spoke with a doctor  who told her that her son had miraculously awakened, and would now live. She wept tears of joy and relief and gratitude. She is currently writing a book about the power of prayer."

A Powerful Rainbow
"Katie was leaving her mother's funeral, when she looked up to see a bright rainbow. Her mother loved rainbows. She knew it was a sign that her mother had passed over safely to heaven, and was sending back a rainbow of love to her. To say it lifted her spirits is something of an understatement, as you can imagine."

What is The Secret Language of Angels?

The Secret Language of Angels teaches you how to recognise the many angel signs and answers that surround you in life, so you can receive even more angelic guidance, to help you improve and develop your life and feel increasingly guided and blessed. The more methods you understand, the more answers to your prayers and guidance you will receive. Let your life become magically guided.

The book shows you:

25 different methods of daily angel guidance
Over 90 examples and stories to illustrate the points and inspire you
Opening prayer – to help you call upon the angels to help you
Make the right choices and decisions (and avoid the wrong ones!)
Review sections – enable you to review which methods you are already using, and which you can add
An Angel Log – to help you notice and record more angel guidance


The Secret Language of Angels is normally £24.99 but for a limited period, you can buy this amazing book for just £14.99 (that's approximately $26 US or 19 euros) PLUS I am including over £44 of gifts for you.

FREE GIFTS - What else will you receive?

Everyone who purchases this exciting new book, designed to help lead mankind forwards, will also receive:

Free – 13 x 30 minute radio show recordings in which I discuss various aspects of the book and other methods of developing your connection with the angels, and receiving angelic help and guidance.  It was while recording this series of shows, inspired by the angels, that I was also inspired to write the book and they are a natural accompaniment to it.  That’s 6 ½ hours of concentrated teachings Includes special prayers and meditations, and answers to questions from listeners too. Enjoy these shows at home, in your car, or on the move. Worth £25 - FREE to you when you order The Secret Language of Angels
Free – One hour introductory workshop video featuring Darren, discussing many aspects of the angels. Why are they here? What do they look like? How can we communicate with them? How can they help us to develop and improve our lives? How does that relate to the stages of development of your own life?  Darren covers this and much more.  Worth £19.99 - once again, yours FREE with the book.

Why are we offering these bonuses? Because the angels want to give you more help and guidance, to help improve your life, and to help you to help others, and the world. We want to assist your growth, and help the angels to help you. That is why we are here!

I hope that you will open up to greater angelic help, answers and guidance, to enhance your life, and help you to make an even bigger difference to others and the world. Tell your friends. Spread the word!

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Ready to discover The Secret
Language of Angels?

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